PGN FUN VILLAGE in Hickory Hills, will keep you and your family or group entertained and amused for hours. From Mini-Golf, Jump N' Fun, Driving Ranges, Arcade and Redemption Games, everyone has a great time! With delicious food and snacks, PGN Fun Village is a great place to hold birthday celebrations.  To learn more about the exciting attractions and events in Hickory Hills, view the links below. (Prices subject to change)
Adventure Mini-Golf
People of all ages have fun playing a challenging round of Mini-Golf at PGN Village. Our course is made of two 18 hole courses including a Giant Castle, Waterfalls, Rivers, Mountain and Moat.

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Adult:        $  7.00
Children:    $  5.00  (under 11 years)
Seniors:     $  5.00

Play the 2 Course Special: $ 9.00

Double Deck Driving Range
Come Practice at our Golf Range with 70 slots, both levels are lighted for evening practice. Take your game to the next level or just have fun. This is a full length range. (no hitting off grass) Rental golf clubs available free of charge.

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Small:          $ 4.00
Medium:     $ 6.00
Large:         $ 9.00
Senior:        $ 5.00  (Medium Bucket)

Jump n' Fun Kiddie Playland & Inflatables
We feature a huge 3 story Playland with tubes, slides,hidden hideouts, ball pits and bumper bags. This attracton is geared for the younger crowd, toddler to age 12. This is also great exercise for the kids in a safe enviroment. NEW to PGN is the INFLATABLES area.  Admission Fee required. Call for our specials. (All kids must wear socks in unit.. Shoes are not allowed in ther unit. Parent or Guardian required at all times.

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Jump N' Fun Kiddie Playland
WEEKDAY:  $ 3.50   1/2 Price Special!!!
WEEKEND:  $ 7.00

Jump N' Fun Kiddie Playland and Inflatables
WEEKDAY:   $ 6.00
WEEKEND:   $ 8.00

Make sure to check for online specials or sign up for email specials.

Video Arcade and Game Redemption
Enter the Game Room and test your skills! Win tickets and redeem for great prizes OR play the latest video games as well as some of the classics. From toddlers to grown-ups, we have it all at PGN Village.

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 4  Tokens = $  1.00
20 Tokens = $  5.00
45 Tokens = $ 10.00
90 Tokens = $ 20.00